How it Works

Our process is simple, convenient and will be over before you get the slightest chance to change your mind.


There are numerous ways you can personalize your apparel to define your own style. Lapels, pockets, buttons. You name it, we have it. Go on, pamper yourself.

Choose your fabric

We offer an array of fabrics that you can choose from depending on your preferred design, material and price. The price of your apparel depends on the fabric only; customization and tailoring charges are included in the fabric price. No cruel shipping charge surprises when checking out too.


Our do it yourself guide (with videos) will help you breeze through the measurement process. All you need is a measuring tape and an extra pair of hands, preferably human. You can also have your measurements taken by a local tailor although we would recommend using our guide to avoid any confusion.

Now sit back, relax and grab a beer or two while we work diligently on your masterpiece.